Video Shows Man Stealing ATM by Tying It to Pickup Truck, Destroying Entrance of Salon

A man in Las Vegas allegedly stole an ATM machine from a business Thursday by tying it to the back of a pickup truck and driving away.

Surveillance video of the incident posted online by news station KLAS shows the man inside the business, Body Spa Salons, with the door open and the pickup truck idling outside with its back facing the door way.

The man has tied what appears to be a cable around the ATM and to the back of the vehicle. By the end of the roughly minute-long video, he gets into the truck and drives away, sending the ATM through the front of the building, shattering glass, and destroying the entrance.

“I was blown away like how it happened it’s insane I didn’t see it coming; when he gets in the car and then he takes off I didn’t think the whole front would come down like that,” Cherish Jones, a nail tech at the spa told KLAS.

“I was scared something was going to happen to the room,” she added.

Brian Scott, who has a barbershop inside the spa, said: “My barbershop is the next door right here and he could have came in here and did all kinds of stuff I have the biggest room in here so it is like he knew what he was after he came straight for the ATM.:

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the business’ operations director said that the suspect broke through the back door of the salon, and then walked to the front entrance.

Body Spa Salons operates several locations throughout the Las Vegas area. According to KLAS, the owner of the spa said she believes a different location of the business was targeted by the same thief three months ago.

Newsweek has reached out to police in Las Vegas for additional details about the incident but did not hear back in time for publication on Saturday morning.

In a similar incident in South Africa in 2018, a group of thieves used a pickup truck to transport a stolen ATM from a supermarket.

Man Steals ATM,Ties It to Truck
A man in Las Vegas stole an ATM machine from a business Thursday by tying it to the back of a pickup truck and driving away. A Bitcoin ATM is seen next to a regular dollar ATM inside a gas station in Los Angeles, California on June 24.
Getty Images/Chris Delmas

Also in 2018, police in Britain announced that they were searching for a group of who tried to rob an ATM in Liverpool by blowing it up. Nearby businesses and a bus stop were reportedly damaged by the blast, which was believed to have been caused using gas canisters and possibly injured one of the thieves.