Walk it Out Multicultural Fashion Show celebrates culture across the world

Featuring performances from Latin America, Africa, South Asia, East Asia, LGBTQ+, and Hip Hop groups, the Walk it Out Multicultural Fashion Show aimed to make culture fun.

The Walk it Out Multicultural Fashion Show had one primary goal — to show culture as something fun. If the applause and audience turnout for the event are anything to go by, then the show was a wild success.

Chatter hummed through the Iowa Memorial Union’s Main Lounge as people filtered into the room. Students, parents, and children took their seats as they waited for the stage to fill with performers. 

Walk it Out is a student organization that is aimed at celebrating culture across the University of Iowa campus. This year’s performance was the first in-person show due to COVID-19-related concerns. Latin America, Africa, South Asia, East Asia, LGBTQ+, and Hip Hop were the six cultures represented in the 2022 show. 


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Kiko utilizes a laser to instantly measure the height of growing kids

While it may not rate way up there on a list of life’s annoyances, measuring a child’s height in the traditional wall-marking fashion can be a tad fiddly. That’s where the Kiko comes in, as it uses a laser to do the job quickly and easily.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the Kiko Laser Height Measurer is manufactured by electronics company Magpie Tech. And yes, it can also be utilized to measure the height of adults.

The user starts by putting the pushbutton-activated device on the floor, then utilizing its upward-facing laser to measure the distance to the ceiling. In a nutshell, the device arrives at this figure by determining precisely how much time elapses between the light being emitted and then reflected back down to it.

Next, the user gently places the Kiko on top of the standing child’s head, and takes another such measurement. An integrated

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Trust Us, You Don’t Want To Sleep On This Jewelry Trend

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I’m very lucky because my mom is a total fashion icon. When we go shopping together, we almost always leave with matching fashion finds. For this reason, the mother-daughter matching jewelry trend is perfect.

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I’ve been stealing her clothes, bags and jewelry for as long as I can remember and incorporating them into my own wardrobe. I even got caught trying to bring some of her items to college with me (my mission was unsuccessful). I love the idea of coordinating jewelry because it’s a way to bring everyday sentimental value to both of our looks. It also saves us from being too matchy-matchy and doubles our options (because we obviously still swap pieces).

Coordinating jewelry, especially in a mother-daughter sense, doesn’t need to feel like

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