Trust Us, You Don’t Want To Sleep On This Jewelry Trend

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I’m very lucky because my mom is a total fashion icon. When we go shopping together, we almost always leave with matching fashion finds. For this reason, the mother-daughter matching jewelry trend is perfect.

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I’ve been stealing her clothes, bags and jewelry for as long as I can remember and incorporating them into my own wardrobe. I even got caught trying to bring some of her items to college with me (my mission was unsuccessful). I love the idea of coordinating jewelry because it’s a way to bring everyday sentimental value to both of our looks. It also saves us from being too matchy-matchy and doubles our options (because we obviously still swap pieces).

Coordinating jewelry, especially in a mother-daughter sense, doesn’t need to feel like a gimmick. Don’t get me wrong, I was a huge fan of matching friendship bracelets and half-heart necklaces as a kid but I want my grown-up jewelry to feel a little more elevated.

Now I look for easy ways to build continuity between our collections. One way this can be done is by focusing on a motif, like the stars or the moon, and finding pieces within that theme. I also love the idea of choosing a stone or jewel and finding jewelry that features the same element.

AP Images.

AP Images.

Zoë Kravitz and her mom Lisa Bonet do an incredible job of coordinating jewelry in a way that still speaks to their individual personal styles. Kravitz’s gold earrings and body chain compliment Bonet’s bird brooch on her collar and gold hoops.

A lot of jewelry brands also have signature styles that they incorporate throughout most of their pieces. By shopping for jewelry from the same brand, there’s a good chance that the design elements will be consistent throughout—you can take a brand’s signature style and make it one you and your mom are known for wearing.

AP Images.

AP Images.

If being subtle isn’t your thing, take a page out of Kris and Khloe Kardashian’s book and go bold. The Kardashian duo not only wore bright diamond earrings, but coordinated their twisted glitter dresses. This is a fun way to make sure everyone is aware of family ties at functions.

Whether you’re pairing earrings and bracelets or rings and necklaces, mother-daughter jewelry is so sweet and sentimental. Mother’s Day is also quickly approaching so this is a great way to get your mom and yourself (for the sake of the trend of course) something special. Keep reading for my favorite coordinating picks.

Perhaps the most classic way to coordinate with your mom is by wearing complementary sets of pearls. Pearl jewelry is a staple of sophisticated style but can also allude to the more carefree fashion of the 1920s. Pearls are currently having a modern resurgence and are being incorporated into heavy chain necklaces, huggie earrings or other gem clusters. This means that even if you are a die-hard Y2K grunge-girl and your mom prefers a classic strand, you can still coordinate jewelry and have a meaningful connection.

If you’re into astrology or just love spending a long night under the stars, moon and star-themed jewelry is a great way to connect with your mom and the great unknown. Stars are super on-trend for jewelry right now so it’s easy to find celestial gems to wear. One of you can sport a crescent moon necklace while the other wears sparkly star earring studs (or vice versa) to stick with the theme. If you want to get multiple siblings in on the look, a moon and star charm bracelet is also a fun option for everyone to wear.

You don’t have to have an heirloom engagement ring to connect to your family with diamonds. Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes which makes them easy to personalize and fun to mix and match. A matching pair of small diamond studs are great for everyday wear and will be a subtle daily reminder of your mom. Having different pieces in the same shape or setting is another way to have a subtle #twinning moment. Diamonds are also available in moissanite and lab-grown alternatives so you don’t have to break the bank to participate.

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