Ciara & Russell Wilson’s Kids Are Learning To Dream Big & Give Back

Ciara and Russell Wilson are superstars in their own right and they’re raising their three kids to dream big, too. From fashion shows and football games to A-list playdates and princess-themed birthday parties, the Wilsons are a close-knit, loving bunch that has this family thing down to the tee.

As parents to 7-year-old Future Zahir, 4-year-old Sienna Princess, and 1-year-old Win, it’s clear that Ciara and Wilson practice what they preach. The couple recently released a new children’s book, called Why Not You? on March 1. The picture book is all about encouraging young readers to achieve their dreams, no matter how out of reach you think they may be, while also celebrating self-esteem and perseverance.

They’re the same values that Ciara and Wilson are working to instill in their children. “We lead by example to show them that with hard work they can achieve anything they dream of,” Ciara told Romper in a recent interview. The Wilson kids might be young, but they’re already making waves. So here’s what you need to know about power couple’s adorable kiddos.

Future Zahir is 7 years old

Future, 7, is Ciara’s oldest son, whom the singer shares with her ex, rapper Future. The 7-year-old is the oldest of the rapper’s seven children. Not much is publicly known about the relationship Future has with his firstborn and the overall co-parenting relationship between him and the Wilsons is a bit stained. But Russell definitely plays an influential, nurturing role model in the young boy’s life.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback posts pictures of Future on his Instagram often. Just recently, the two posed for family pictures in matching suits.

In a March 2021 interview with GQ, Wilson said being a stepfather to Future is one of his great life lessons. “I think the greatest thing that I’ve ever learned in life is probably in that relationship with Future, because the reality of being a stepparent is that biologically they’re not necessarily yours, but the reality is that you have to love them as if they are,” Wilson told the magazine. “They’re your own blood in a way. You get to love them that way. And I think every kid deserves that and needs that and yearns for that.”

Sienna Princess is 4 years old

Sienna Princess Wilson, whose nicknamed SiSi, is Ciara and Wilson’s only daughter, born in 2017. Like her mother, Sienna has a lot of personality, charisma and loves to dance. As a matter of fact, Ciara called her a “baby boss.” “She is full of so much swag and spunk and charisma and passion at such a young age,” Ciara told E! during a New York Fashion Week event last December. “She’s four going on 40.”

Sienna is also following in her mom’s footsteps as a fashionista. “I have no doubt dad’s going to be, like, bringing out the checkbook for Sienna,” the Lit By Ciara owner told E! last October. “No, she’s definitely going to be the one like on top of her game. But that’s what she sees in her mommy. I love fashion and it’s really fun bonding with her on the fashion side of it all.”

As for Wilson, he is a complete ball of emotions when it comes to his baby girl. “Daddy loves you all the way to the moon & back,” he penned a loving message on his Instagram for her birthday last year. “You are such an amazing, loving, intelligent, courageous soul! You are going to be The President one day! Aka… the ‘Great Negotiator.” He added, “Daddy got automatically protective the moment I saw you & I will forever love, guide, protect, and be a shoulder to lean on!”

Needless to say, Wilson is a proud #girldad.

Win Harrison is 1 year old

Ciara and Wilson welcomed their son Win Harrison together in July 2020. The little boy’s name has a special meaning. “That is Daddy. I give credit to Dad. Oh my gosh, I’m gonna get emotional,” the Level Up” singer told Entertainment Tonight. “Russell would always be like, ‘Here’s Win shortstop,’ he like, plays a whole thing out. And then obviously, Harrison, it was his dad’s first name, which is really sweet and precious. There was a lot of love and thought put into it. Russ, we would talk about names, and Russ kind of always had this name Win in the rotation, years ago, before we knew we were having a girl. He had all the good names and Win won. So Win is the name and he’s so cute, he’s so precious.”

Last year, the Why Not You Foundation founders recently launched the apparel line, 3BRAND and donated 3% of earnings from the brand to their foundation. It’s one of many philanthropic ventures the couple uses to teach their kids about giving back. As Wilson told Forbes, “With Ciara, that was an important lesson we wanted to teach our kids and make sure it’s part of everything we do.”