Pros and Cons of Off Price Buying From Jobbers

PROs of Off Price Buying: Off Price Buying From Jobbers

1. There really is no better deal out there. Since off price jobbers buy directly from manufacturers and distressed retailers, they have the best pricing around.

2. You don’t have to deal with strict requirements from the brand manufacturer. Many brands will have stiff minimums. Off price jobbers are more flexible regarding minimum purchase amounts and requirements.

3. You get a chance to purchase exclusive licensed merchandise that otherwise would not be available.

4. You have more freedom to choose exactly what you need for your store instead of being forced to buy random lots.

5. If you have a store that sells a variety of items and if you buy from brand name clothing jobbers, you have a much larger selection of styles and brands as well as multiple categories. For example, you can buy women’s clothing, men’s clothing, kids clothing, accessories, shoes, and housewares all at one place. Otherwise, you’d spend your precious time searching all over the world for individual pieces to fill your store.

CONs of Off Price Buying:

1. Sometimes your goods are from last season instead of the current season.

2. You could get items where the original MSRP tag is either missing or defaced.

3. You have to know whether you are buying it by brand/style or if your goods are coming in assortments.

The bottom line is, if you can plan ahead and buy what you need for your store just a little in advance, you’ll save a ton and increase your profit margins.

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