When you can’t make it to the spa, this at-home foot massager is a godsend

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Few things compare to the happy feels one gets while getting a good foot rub. But aside from putting a smile on your face, regular foot massages can do a lot more for your body, including improved circulation, tension release, pain relief, and more. But who has time to run to the spa for one of these treatments all the time?

Skip the pricey masseuse and show your feet some love in the comfort of your own home with help from the oFlexiSpa steam foot spa bath massager. Unlike your general at-home foot massager, this advanced gadget uses the power of steam as it hits the pressure points of your feet, providing you with a truly luxurious, relaxing experience. And after its initial steam release, the massager manages to keep the same cozy, warm temperature for a whole 20 minutes, the perfect time to get through the latest series episode you’re streaming. 

This foot spa boasts an innovative massage system, consisting of a series of electric rollers that not only relax the muscles in your feet with a deep-tissue massage, but that also reduce swelling and even minimize stress. Safe for the entire family to use, the oFlexiSpa boasts three heating Levels and two intensities to choose from, perfect for appeasing all comfort levels. And don’t worry, it’s completely hygienic so you can take turns using it, and it never poses any safety hazard by splashing boiling hot water around.

Another feature that sets the oFlexiSpa steam foot spa bath massager apart from the rest is the fact that it’s a friend to the environment. While it does require water to run its steam feature, the machine needs just under a cup of water to operate, helping you to conserve. It’s no wonder the gadget has received tons of praise online and was even awarded for its unique design in 2020.

The oFlexiSpa steam foot spa bath massager is 34% off, making it just $169.99 down from $259 bucks.

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