Face Mask Sprays Exist, and Here’s Why You Need One

Here’s an understatement of the new year: Wearing a face mask is annoying. Sure, it protects others (and you) from your viral particles and keeps you warm on windy winter days. But do I enjoy sweating profusely underneath that patch of fabric or plastic? Do I enjoy the maskne, or the way my everything bagel-tinged breath hotboxes itself within my mask so that I’m stuck smelling salty garlic for hours? No! No, I do not. 

I miss not constantly stressing over whether my mask is on, whether I’ve lost it, fiddling with my foggy glasses, and being able to understand people when they speak. Above all, I miss breathing clean, fresh air. But folks, this is 2021. This is the world we live in, and I’m more than willing to keep that mask strapped to my face if it means I’m doing my part to keep myself

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