The best new spa treatments, from cryotherapy to Kegels

Treat yourself to NYC’s most innovative and rejuvenating spa therapies.

A woman receives compression therapy.
Wrap star: This water weight-reducing tech is Joanna Vargas approved.
Joanna Vargas

Compression therapy

Suit up and slim down in a next-level compression jacket and boots.

The FDA-approved devices provide hands-free lymphatic drainage massage to reduce water weight, promote cell regeneration and hasten recovery.

“If one does the Ballancer Pro every day, it’s possible to lose the water weight of two dress sizes in just one week,” says celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, who offers the treatment at her Fifth Avenue spa.

“It’s a very relaxing, gentle pressure that moves from the toes up the legs, to the midsection.”

How’s that for a main squeeze?

Ballancer Pro, from $200 for 30 minutes.

Feminine rejuvenation

VSpot Sexual Health Spa's "kegel throne."
VSpot Sexual Health Spa’s “kegel throne” is non-invasive and FDA-approved.
VSpot Sexual Health Spa

Think of BTL Emsella, one of the most popular treatments at VSpot

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