Keira Knightley Has High Fashion Pieces To Pass Down To Her Daughters

Keira Knightley is a famous face in Hollywood who shows no signs of fading into obscurity anytime soon. The actress is widely known for her roles in “Pride And Prejudice,” “Pirates Of The Caribbean,” and “Atonement.” Owing to her abilities as an excellent actress, she has enjoyed an impressive career of over a decade long.

Aside from her acting chops, fans might recognize her as the face of the “Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle L’Eau Privée” perfume.

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Her acting skills, being outspoken and sticking to her guns explain why she’s had such an impressive and long-standing career.

The actress also inclines towards fashion. She recently opened up about her enviable wardrobe and how she intends to hand down “Chanel” pieces to her two daughters. 

Read on to get more details.

‘They’ll Get Their Hands On Them’

While speaking to People about her upcoming movie, “Charlotte,” she also opened up to the publication about how she plans to pass on a chunk of her Chanel pieces to her daughters–Eddie and Delilah–whom she shares with husband James Righton.

“I’ve been working for Chanel for a very long time, and I’m very lucky that I’ve got some great Chanel pieces, so, at some point, I’m sure they can raid the wardrobe and get those,” explained Knightley.

Although the “Pirates Of Caribbean” star mentioned that she didn’t have a lot of “red carpet-y” outfits, as “there are not many occasions to wear them to,” she possesses a “few pieces,” and she is sure that “her children will get their hands on them at a point.”

She also added that her daughters were growing older and thought about the beauty advice she would pass on to them in the coming years.

While she firmly believes in “less is more,” she hopes that daughters never “listen to her advice.”

“I really hope that they don’t listen to me when they’re teenagers and they pile [makeup] on their faces and they do completely extraordinary punk-like things because that’s the point of being a teenager.” 

She’s Previously Spoken About Her Love For Chanel Pieces

Before this, Knightley had previously disclosed her and her children’s inclination for fashion. According to HarpersBazaar, she admitted to having a lot of clothes from several brands but being unable to wear them due to the pandemic.

Keira Knightley At The Aftermath Film Premiere London

However, at the start of the lockdown, she noted that she and her family enjoyed dressing up daily.

She added about having a trampoline in their garden and decided they were only allowed to dress upon it.

 The “POTC” star recalled putting on “red lipstick every day, and every bit of Chanel that I have in my cupboard, and my daughter Edie had Chanel ribbons plaited into her hair and fairy wings.”

Knightley only allowed her husband to join in on the dress-up activity if he wore one of his “peacock-colored Gucci suits.”

She’s Content With Her Decision To Remain Off Social Media

While the “Atonement” actress was aware that her kids might want to utilize social media platforms one day, she explained that she was perfectly content with her decision to remain offline.

“I’m so content [not being on social media],” she mentioned to People. “I’ve had little moments, I mean, not for years, of going, ‘Oh yeah, I should do that’ or ‘I should at least do it privately.’ And then I was like, ‘No, I shouldn’t.’”

She also added that her friends, who were on different platforms, only complained about how depressing social media made them feel. “So then I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m not going to do that.’”

Knightley Recently Voiced Charlotte In The Animated Film ‘Charlotte’

Following the success of the 2017 movie “Loving Vincent,” the Good Deed Entertainment Network released another animated film, “Charlotte.”

Knightley voiced the movie’s titular character, exploring her stint as an artist leading up to her life during World War Two.

Keira Knightley leaving the Comedy Theatre after her performance of West End production The Misanthrope

Although it was intended to be a live-action movie, it got made into an animated film directed by Tahir Rana and Eric Warin. The film consists of an ensemble cast, including Brenda Blethyn, Jim Broadbent, Mark Strong, Eddie Marsan, Sam Claflin, and Sophie Okonedo.

According to producer Julia Rosenberg, the movie isn’t just a fugitive or war story; it’s also the biopic of an artist that has been glossed over.

“She invented the graphic memoir, she played with autofiction and did all of these conceptual things that are now widely used. She’s one of the great artists of the 20th century,” Rosenberg concluded.