What You Need to Know About Nihaojewelry vs Wholesale Jewelry Supply

If you are looking to buy wholesale jewelry, it can be hard to make the decision of which company to choose from. There are so many that look appealing, with great prices and high quality, but when you look closer, you see the flaws in their business model and customer service that keep you from buying the product or service. Nihaojewelry has similar prices to Wholesale Jewelry Supply, but has more features and better customer service than Wholesale Jewelry Supply, making it more cost effective overall.

About Nihaojewelry VS Wholesale Jewelry Supply

Nihaojewelry was created to provide jewelers with high quality products at wholesale prices, while still maintaining superior customer service. Whether you’re in search of something bold and dangle, classic and chic, elegant or something that pops in your ears, neck or wrists – they’ve got what you need! With an extensive selection of both classic and trend-setting earrings, necklaces and bracelets for men, women and children of all ages; as well as customizable pieces like pet tags/collars & key chains, you can find it all here at Nihaojewelry!

nihao earrings for spring
nihao earrings for spring

Wholesale Jewelry Supply specializes in unique, gold and silver jewelry findings allowing you to create your own looks with gorgeous materials that last. The company’s website offers an extensive selection of lovely necklaces, earrings and rings; all products are made using solid sterling silver or 14K gold-plated sterling silver. Nihaojewelry also features a number of designer pieces featuring natural gemstones such as emeralds, opals and sapphires, which are available for as little as $50 for a small necklace and as much as $200 for a pair of drop earrings. Regardless of your budget range or style preference-from stylishly simple or dramatically bold-this online wholesale website has something for everyone!

wholesale jewelry supply homepage
wholesale jewelry supply homepage

Comparing Nihaojewelry VS Wholesale Jewelry Supply Pricing

Both offer similar products: rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more.

Nihaojewelry has more products including keychains, hair accessories, sunglasses, women’s apparel. Most of the products are under $10. Nihao’s shipping is a little expensive. They explain why is the shipping cost a little bit expensive in the blog. But they often have shipping discounts. You can wait until there is a sale to order.

Wholesale Jewelry Supply offers free economy shipping, and internationally takes $10 off, which is awesome if you’re buying from another country. They also have a wide selection of products, including jewelry-making supplies, like beads and charms and tools, as well as finished products like rings and bracelets that would be ready for sale in a store or online shop.

However, there are a few crucial differences between them that you might want to consider before placing your next jewelry order, differences that can save you money while still getting top-of-the-line jewelry.

For example, a comparison of the price of a product on each site shows that Nihao’s price is about 25% cheaper than Wholesale Jewelry’s price for the same item. And we’re not just taking their word for it, a quick search online shows tons of happy customers who have been impressed by Nihaojewelry fast shipping and low prices.

Nihao Jewelry reviews on Sitejabber
Nihao Jewelry reviews on Sitejabber

Comparing Nihaojewelry VS Wholesale Jewelry Supply Customer Reviews

Nihaojewelry and Wholesale Jewelry Supply are both popular wholesale jewelry suppliers globally. Both of them have good reviews on their websites. But if you search their names on Google, the results are quite different. Nihaojewelry has more positive reviews than Wholesale Jewelry Supply.

Nihaojewelry has been in jewelry business for over nine years, it’s a professional supplier for fashion jewelry, costume jewelry, costume apparel, hair accessories and so on. You can find all kinds of jewelry here with favorable prices. With rich experience and excellent service, it wins many customers’ hearts from all over the world.

Nihao Jewelry reviews

Wholesale Jewelry Supply has been in this line for over 30 years. It offers a wide range of products for you to choose from: Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Gold Jewelry and so on.

You can find few reviews about Wholesale Jewelry Supply online. The most recent review on Facebook is in 2017.

wholesale jewelry supply reviews on facebook
wholesale jewelry supply reviews on facebook

In terms of cost effectiveness, Nihaojewelry is better than Wholesale Jewelry Supply because there’re many coupons online that you can use to buy Nihaojewelry products at a lower price but Wholesale Jewelry Supply doesn’t offer any discount codes except free shipping when your order reaches $500.

Nihaojewelry Pros And Cons


 1. You can get high-quality jewelry at cheap prices.

2. Offer multiple, jewelry types you can think of.

 3. They have a very good rating and customer review score.

 4. Have a no minimum order policy, which means you can buy any number of items you want.

 5. Provide free shipping worldwide.

 6. They have 30 days no reason return policy, which means that if you do not like their product, or it does not meet your expectations, then you can return it within 30 days of receiving it and get your money back without any questions asked.


  1. Shipping is a little expensive to some areas

 Wholesale Jewelry Supply Pros And Cons


  •  They have a wide range of products.
  •  Easy to use website.
  •  Free shipping for orders over $50.
  •  Great price for jewelry, accessories and other supplies.


  •  Their shipping costs are high if you don’t spend $25 or more.
  •  Prices are generally higher than other stores.
  •  They don’t offer many bulk discounts.
  •  There aren’t as many reviews to be found on the internet as there are for other, similar companies.
  •  Some of their products have bad reviews, making them less reputable in terms of quality.

Comparing Nihaojewelry Vs Wholesale Jewelry Supply Products

Nihaojewelry has a wide range of products: more than 500 types of jewelry sets, more than 600 types of rings, etc. The prices are good.

Wholesale Jewelry Supply is a jewelry supply company that has been in the business for more than 30 years. They sell all sorts of jewelry supplies from gemstones to beads, silver and gold and a variety of other materials.

Nihaojewelry, on the other hand, is a leading online jewelry supplies store, offering an extensive range of wholesale fashion jewelry. With several years of experience in the industry, they are able to offer an unparalleled range of high-quality products at affordable prices.

Final Thoughts

It can be concluded that Nihaojewelry is better than Wholesale Jewelry Supply in terms of cost effectiveness and reviews. Wholesale Jewelry Supply, despite featuring a very decent product selection, has a user interface that feels a bit outdated and is lacking in some crucial areas such as product variation. In contrast, Nihaojewelry with its modern UI feel and diverse product catalog outperforms Wholesale Jewelry Supply in some areas we have highlighted here.

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