Woodhouse Spa: An escape from the crazy day-to-day life

KINGSTON — Everyone deserves to be pampered, right?

Over the last year, and for a lot of people undoubtedly longer, stress has been all too prevalent in our lives. Between political upheaval, global health crises and more, the need for self-care has become critical to lead a healthy life.

At the Woodhouse Spa, all of those problems fade into the background as the spa’s experienced staff will get you feeling right and checking your worries at the door.

“So much of what we do here is about relaxing and rejuvenating,” said Megan Millo, the owner of Woodhouse. “We want to be that escape from the crazy day-to-day life, especially after this past year.”

Millo, a native of the Back Mountain, has been at Woodhouse since September 2019. She brought with her a wealth of experience, with some time in the auto industry and with medical cannabis before purchasing the Woodhouse

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