How to Exfoliate Your Entire Body

woman exfoliating legs with brush

woman exfoliating legs with brush

Moyo Studio / Getty Images

Taking a long shower or soak in the bath aren’t the only ways to rejuvenate your skin from head to toe. Enter exfoliation, which helps rid the body of dead skin cells. While you may associate this step with your facial beauty routine, it’s just as necessary elsewhere. “The skin on the body has more sweat glands (sebaceous glands) and can tolerate stronger exfoliating cleansers and percentages of products without getting irritated or inflamed than the skin of the face,” says Dr. Purvisha Patel, a board-certified dermatologist and the founder of Visha Skincare. To learn more about full-body exfoliation, including the products and techniques you will need to master the method, read on.

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The Benefits of Full-Body Exfoliation

This practice goes further than skin deep. “Full-body exfoliation is

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