Why Botox is becoming popular with Zoom users

Working from home has some New Yorkers Zooming in — on their wrinkles. 

“Since the pandemic, I’ve been in video calls 24/7, staring at my own face and thinking, ‘Oh, my God, it’s time,’ ” said Liz Aiello, a 29-year-old talent agent who lives and works in Hudson Yards. She got her first Botox injections this past summer at Ject, a boutique doctor’s office-cum-spa. 

“If my career relies on me being on Zoom, and I’m looking at myself, then I thought I might as well do it,” said Aiello, who had a few forehead lines smoothed. 

At-home beauty experiments — from haircuts and dyes to TikTok-inspired acne cures — have been on the rise since lockdown has left us stuck, and bored, at home. Others have gone to more extreme lengths to alter their appearances, taking advantage of extra downtime — and masks — to hide the healing process after

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