JD Institute of Fashion Technology, South call for Admissions for 2021/22

JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers three-year BSc, Masters, Advanced Diploma, Post-Graduate Diploma and Diploma programs in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Jewellery Design, Fashion Communication, Fashion Styling, Fashion Photography, Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry. The programs at JD Institute of Fashion Technology are an effort to transform higher education in India alongwith the introduction of new age programs which will prove to be very unique in an Indian context. The well-crafted courses are highly specialized and go beyond the conventional curriculum which provide with innovations in content, delivery, and structure.

Recognized as the Great Place to Study (awarded at the House of Commons, London), JD Institute is also associated with well-known universities in India – Bengaluru City University and Goa University and has recently collaborated with Singhania University. It has recently added for some new age degree courses like Graphic Design, Product Design, Textile Design, UI/UX and Event Management. JD Institute

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Photographer uses her lens to depict Muslim women as ‘powerful presences in their own right’

Lalla Essaydi is an artist originally from Morocco whose experiences have inspired her to create politically astute work that deconstructs and reimagines stereotypes of Muslim womanhood.

“My work is highly autobiographical,” Essaydi said. “In it, I speak my thoughts and talk directly about my experiences as a woman and an artist, finding the language with which to speak from those uncertain zones between memory and the present, East and West.

“The models I use are often women who have had the same relation to the physical spaces as I’ve had. But we also work with younger women so that the setting becomes a platform for the creation of new memories and understandings.”

The Fairfield University Art Museum will showcase her work in the solo exhibition “By Design: Theater and Fashion in the Photography of Lalla Essaydi,” which will highlight the artistic process behind the creation of the artist’s carefully staged

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Fashion Businesses Use Special Photography to Boost Sales

Fashion businesses are increasing their sales by 24% thanks to an Ontario photography and videography company.

Fashion businesses are increasing their sales by 24% thanks to an Ontario photography and videography company.

StylePhotos have helped its customer reduce photography and video costs, increase the speed in which they receive ready to use marketing materials, improve consistency in their brand photography and increase their customers’ sales on average by 24%.

StylePhotos provides photography and video machines that don’t require photographers to produce flatbed, model, mannequin and 360 degree fashion and accessory shots.

A spokesman from StylePhotos said: “It might seem like a strange concept to many – photography without a photographer – but our machines help fashion brands to create consistent, quick and high quality image that increases the speed in which they can get their products to market.”

StylePhotos has four different machines. ‘Live’ is a huge walk-in machine that

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Holden Luntz Gallery : The Telling of Fashion : Trailblazers of Photography

Contrary to popular belief, what was cool today may still be cool tomorrow, especially in fashion. However, that all depends on who took the picture and what the image is of, naturally.

From its inception, fashion photography has consistently operated as a cultural tool. Borrowing ideas and inspiration from the art world in the 1920s to thriving on social media campaigns today, fashion photography has continually redefined itself to serve the needs of the times. In its power and agency as a harbinger of taste, fashion photography not only presents us with ways of seeing and remembering each passing epoch, but it also expands and commercializes its most popular themes. The art form, which the photographers who shot fashion would collectively create, introduced new and subtle modes of expression, influenced by the classical norms of the past, the commercial success of the industry, and the aesthetic liberties of pursuing self-expression.

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