13 mistakes to avoid when shopping for clothes at a thrift store

Experts shared with Insider some of the biggest mistakes people make when thrift shopping for clothes.Sophie Walster/Getty Images

  • Expert thrift-shoppers told Insider the common mistakes people make when buying secondhand clothes.

  • Thrifters shouldn’t skip over items that need to be tailored — unless they’re stained or ripped.

  • Thrifting exclusively on weekends also isn’t the best option, experts said.

Going thrifting during busy days, like Saturday and Sunday, means there’s more competition for the best finds.

best thrift store times

Try going thrift-shopping at off-peak times.iStock/Getty Images

Jillian Owens, the founder of the thrifting blog Refashionista, said that thrift-shoppers should always try to beat the crowds.

For example, if you can only thrift on the weekends, Owens suggests going early in the morning.

If you have more flexibility, Owens said, Tuesdays are a good time to shop because at many stores, that’s the day when most of the items that were donated

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16 Best Summer Tops & Shirts For Women

Update your closet with the latest summer fashion with the best summer tops and shirts this 2022. Photo: Engin_Akyurt/ Pixabay

To beat the blazing summer heat, we can’t risk being uncomfortable with our outfits. As we spend long hours under the sun, it’s expected that we’ll be sweating more than usual. Hence, it might affect your mood or cause irritation.

As you transition to summer fashion, remember to choose outfits that will make your body breathe and feel fresh throughout the day. You can still look stylish without compromising comfort.

If you’re still looking for summer outfits, don’t worry. Here’s a list of the 16 best summer tops and shirts for women that are on trend this 2022.

Summer Fashion Trends 2022: 16 Best Summer Tops & Shirts For Women

1. VICHYIE Basic Cami Top

(photo from amazon.com)

You can never go wrong with a basic sleeveless Cami Top

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